Who now owns Basingstoke Garden Centre?

You may already know, but this centre has recently been sold to another garden centre operator. – Maidenhead Aquatics. The centre remains open but is no longer a Wyevale Garden Centre. We hope that this doesn’t inconvenience you too much. Rest assured that Basingstoke Garden Centre will still be  here to provide the very best for your garden.

What are your opening times?

Monday to Saturday – 9am to 5.30pm.
Sunday – 10.30am to 4.30pm

What is your returns policy?

If you have bought an item directly from the centre under Wyevale ownership then you should return it there. The item must be in its original packaging and you should bring with you proof of purchase e.g. a receipt, or we'll have to reimburse you with a gift voucher.

What products can and can’t be refunded?

Anything perishable cannot be returned or refunded. Because plants are living products we can’t offer refunds unless they arrive damaged. Naturally, we’ll refund all other products whether they’re damaged or you change your mind. And of course we have a Lifetime plant guarantee for our hardy plants.

How long do I have to return a product?

You have 28 days to return any items you purchased from the centre. Please ensure you have proof of purchase when returning purchases

Can I bring my dog into your centre and restaurant?

Dogs are welcome in our garden centres. Wherever you go, they can go too, as long as they’re wearing a lead.

I have a Wyevale Garden Centres gift card. What will happen to it from September 2019?

As our system does not recognise these cards, we are unable to accept them at Basingstoke Garden Centre from August 30th, 2019.  You can still redeem them at Wyevale Garden centres or on their website. All Wyevale Garden Centre are valid for 2 years from the date of issue at Wyevale Garden centres across the UK where they can still be used.

Can I use my gift card online now that Basingstoke Garden Centre is no longer owned by Wyevale?

If you bought a gift card from a Wyevale Garden Centre that has been sold or closed down, please visit an alternative Wyevale Centre to use your gift card.

Will I still be able to take advantage of the Wyevale Garden Club discounts at Basingstoke Garden Centre?

As a gesture of goodwill, until 30 September 2019, we will honour the 5% and 10% discount on all transactions for Wyevale Garden Club Members when your club card is presented and 10% on a Tuesday to those members aged 60 and over, who present a valid form of ID and a club card at the time of purchase.

What will happen to my Garden Club paper vouchers under the new management?

Garden Club paper vouchers will be accepted at this centre until the expiry date. Unfortunately our system cannot accept digital vouchers, but these are still valid at Wyevale centres.
Thank you for your understanding.

I have a faulty item and need a replacement/refund. Is this still possible under the new management of Basingstoke Garden Centre?

Your statutory rights are not affected by the change in ownership. You can return something you've bought from us by by bringing it back to the  centre in its original packaging along with your proof of purchase. We can then give you a refund at the till.

What will happen to my garden furniture warranty under the new management of Basingstoke Garden Centre?

Your warranty will not be affected by the sale of the centre. Your warranty and statutory rights will remain the same under the new management of Basingstoke Garden Centre.

I have an outstanding claim/complaint. What will happen to this after the sale/closure of my local centre?

This will not be affected by the sale of the Basingstoke Garden Centre. Your statutory rights will remain the same.